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Package Pump Stations 

A package pumping station is an integrated system, built in a housing manufactured from strong, impact-resistant materials such as precast concrete, polyethylene, or glass-reinforced plastic. 
The unit is supplied with internal pipework fitted, pre-assembled ready for installation into the ground, after which the submersible pumps and control equipment are fitted. 

Flygt Compit Pump Station 

The Compit Packaged Pumping Station is designed for sewage, pressurised sewage systems and groundwater. As a mid-sized pumping station, the Compit is appropriate for use in small housing developments, toilet blocks and commercial extensions. 
The Compit is installed at a depth of 1.9m 
The bowl-shaped bottom and smooth inner surface of the pumping station act as benching to provide self-cleaning during operation 
Designed to accommodate one or two pumps 
Stainless Steel discharge piping and lifting chains 
Includes non-return and gate valves as standard 
Flygt ENM 10 float switches included 

Flygt TOPS Pump Station 

The Flygt TOPS Packaged Pumping Station can be fully adoptable under the latest SFA guidelines, and has been approved by many of the Water Companies in the UK. The standard Flygt TOPS PPS comes in a range of sizes for depths between 2 and 6 metres, and capacities between 4 and 95 litres per second. Bespoke units with increased storage volumes are available upon request. 
Incorporated is the patented TOPS benching unit which improves the flow over the sump floor during pumping. This increase in turbulence causes re-suspension of solids and entrainment of floating debris. The result is more solids being removed from the sump, leaving a minimum sludge accumulation in the sump which cuts the cost of service calls. 
Delivered as a prefabricated kit, the TOPS Packaged Pumping Station is easy to install and time saving. 

Xylem SPS Series 

Xylem’s SPS pumping stations have been designed as a cost effective solution for simpler, less arduous applications, without compromising the quality of design and build you can expect from our products. 
With a full range of standard sizes and our ability to manufacture bespoke sizes, the SPS pumping station is suitable for a broad range of applications and budgets. 
Ideally suited to Builders/Contractors looking for a cost effective solution for the removal of wastewater. 
Manufactured in GRP 
Available in sizes from 1m to 2.5m in diameter 
Available in a range of depths 
Flexible: Bespoke arrangements can be designed and manufactured to suit your application 

Micro Series 

The Micro Packaged Pumping Station is available in several sizes and is designed to move domestic wastewater from single households, extensions and basements to a mains sewer located at a higher level, or where gravity drainage is not possible. Other applications include ground water or run-off water from garage driveways. The design of the Micro PPS allows for less sedimentation and better pumping performance and provides reliable operation. Micro stations are made in polyethylene, a lightweight and strong material that makes them easy to handle and install. 
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