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Waste Treatment Site 

We operate our own waste site at Claydon in Suffolk, registration number RP35365W. This is an activated treatment plant that treats sewage and oil contaminated water. 
Liquid waste is treated at our own facility, approved by the Environmental Agency, and after treatment is returned to the ground as agricultural fertilizer. Water is purified to high quality standards and safely introduced into streams and rivers, or can be used for irrigating crops. 
The waste from septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, cesspools, pumping stations and interceptors is brought to our yard, where it is checked and screened before being stored for treatment. The screened waste then passes through our high speed Hiller centrifuge up to 16 cubic meters per hour; the discharged solids can be lime stabilized before being loaded and taken away for agricultural use as bio solids fertilizer. The water then goes back to storage for treatment. 
The effluent is treated to a very high standard set by the environment agency; it is monitored and sampled before it passes to the local water course. 
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